Crossing borders

Problems do not stop at the border. Neither do the solutions.

Normally it is natural to cross the border to solve common societal challenges. In times of coronavirus it can be almost impossible. But hold out. On this site we show what projects in southern Scandinavia have achieved by crossing the border - for a better world for global citizens.

Case Stories

  • High-tech collaboration supports fibrosis research

    Up to 45 per cent of all deaths in industrialised countries are caused by fibrotic diseases. Through boundary-crossing research and the high-tech MAX IV laboratory in Lund it is possible to increase t...
  • Scandinavian cooperation fights infertility

    One out of five Scandinavian men never become a father and every tenth woman never gets children, or fewer children than she wants. The EU project ReproUnion has been fighting involuntary childlessnes...
  • Scandinavian Skin Cancer App reaches Global Market

    In the fight against skin cancer, discovery is essential at an early stage. In Denmark, Jon Friis has developed a smartphone app that is revolutionizing the field. The app is called Miiskin and has ga...

THe Global GOals

Scandinavians Cooperating in line with the UN Global Goals

 Our projects are in line with the UN Global Goals that world leaders agreed upon. Amongst other, these goals have the power to create sustainable energy and promote well-being for all at every ages.

About Us

Interreg Helps Project Convert

their Ideas into Reality

 We provide support to partners in Denmark, Sweden and Norway who want to solve common challenges by collaborating across the borders. Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak is an EU program that invests European tax payers' money in successful partnerships.

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